Biomass Fuel

WoodTek Fuel Supply

We recommend the use of top quality, purposely manufactured, force dried wood chip in your biomass boiler for maximum efficiency and to ensure optimum performance.

Our sister company Biomass Cymru produce a very high quality, dried wood chip fuel. The boiler fuel chip is manufactured from virgin material, grown in Wales and the borders. The main production facility is at Welshpool, Powys,  but there is also a second production facility in Shropshire, to the North West of Shrewsbury.


A large static, electric disc chipper is used to produce the wood chip at the Welshpool base. A disc chipper was chosen due to its lower power consumption, and its ability to produce a very consistent chip with a lower fines and dust content than is produced by drum chippers, whilst still minimising oversized pieces. The chip is delivered to a large vibrating screen to further eliminate oversize and fines, along with grit and soil. This reduces ash and clinker, ensuring a longer and reliable boiler life.


All of the chip is processed through a fleet of our Woodtek Eco Dryers, which reduce the moisture content of the chip down to 20-25%, perfect for reliable and efficient boiler operation. Because of the drying capacity, Biomass Cymru can respond immediately to peaks in demand, and they can produce dry chip regardless of the weather.


The standard chip spec is G50, other sizes can be produced on request. G50 sized chip is produced as larger chip is more open and allows increased airflow for the very best in drying efficiency.
Seasoned wood chip can also be supplied, if customers have their own drying facility. A recycled, died wood chip is also available.


The wood chip can be delivered via our articulated ‘walking floor’ trailers of 90 cubic metres, or in 30 cubic metre loads.